We are now entering the third year of our provincial tagline:
A VISIT Will Get You Thinking / “Une visite: ça fait réfléchir.”
This tagline was also adopted for CFLA’s Canadian Library Month and OLA’s Ontario Public Library Week.
FOPL and OLA in partnership with SOLS and OLS-North are pleased to promote the availability of  a website to support Ontario Libraries in their use of the new tagline [“A Visit Will Get You Thinking.”] for the coming years!  Many library systems have started to complement their marketing with this Ontario-wide tagline.  This was also the theme of Ontario Public Library Week 2016 and 2017! (http://www.oplw.ca)
The full resources to assist you in using this tagline to participate in a province-wide initiative as we approach our municipal and provincial election cycle in 2018 are here:
And with links to school and academic versions of the toolkit:
You can watch Eleanor McMahon, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport launch Ontario Public Library Week 2017 here:
In 2018  you will receive a survey about the use of the tagline.  We really wish every public library used this as much as possible in 2017-18 in their website, promotions, and social media.  We really want to project the real image of public libraries as a great resource for all Ontarians and that a visit will inform you of all we offer. Thanks!
Stephen Abram, MLS, FSLA
Executive Director
Federation of Ontario Public Libraries
Twitter: @foplnews