Turning Your Data into Eye-opening Stories


“Overall, the need for utilizing data in the best interest and presenting it flawlessly has given rise to the need of data stories. Yes, that means storytelling with data. That’s what most brands and businesses are leveraging these days to scale new heights of success.

If you’re new to the concept of data stories, hang it tight.

Let’s begin the journey of whats, whys, hows and ifs of turning your data into eye-opening stories.

  1. Reasons Why Data Stories Need Your Attention
    1. Data Fuels Up Your Stories
    2. Visuals + Data = More Engagement
    3. Data Stories Can Help You Make an Impact
  2. Converting Data into Stories – Tips
    1. Have a Plan Ready Before Choosing a PowerPoint Template
    2. Measure All Relevant Metrics
    3. Use Clean Visualizations
    4. Fuse All Data Sources
    5. Get Your Business Diagrams Right
  3. Three Golden Rules of Turning Data in Stories and Insights
    1. Make it Real and Believable
    2. Worship the Context
    3. Make it Flow
  4. Using PowerPoint Templates and Dashboard for your Data Presentations”