Two Great COVID-19 Playbooks: One for Public Libraries and one for Academic Libraries

Both are from the US.  I love the Playbook word.

Toledo Lucas County Public Library (TLCPL) Safe Work Playbook: COVID-19 Pandemic and Preparedness Response

The Playbook covers a wide range of topics, including:

•Step-by-step guides for setting up a Pandemic Response Team

•Disinfection procedures

•Staggering shifts and other social distancing strategies

•Daily health screening protocol

•Protocols for isolating employees who become ill at work

PL Safe Work Playbook_V2 (1)

Campus COVID Response Playbook

Download a detailed guide on everything you should know about COVID-19’s impact on your campus and how you can prepare for a smooth transition into next semester

In this playbook, you’ll find insight on:

  • the in-class experience
  • movement logistics
  • dining
  • staff and student workers
  • extracurricular activities
  • residential life
  • testing, isolation, and contact tracing

Additional Pandemic Services We Provide

This COVID-19 Playbook is just the start of what a campus has to think about. Our experts recognize that campuses will require thoughtful insight on how to react to the fluidity of COVID-19 and the impacts the pandemic will present. For that reason, we have been able to develop pertinent services at your fingertips with the help of the top doctors and Infection Disease Experts. We have also created a set of six strategic Pandemic / COVID-19 services that schools can benefit from:

  • COVID-19 Checklist – Provides a list of tasks that campuses should incorporate.
  • COVID-19 Action Plan – A detailed set of action plans for eight different focus areas. Providing procurement/logistics advising, evidence-based recommendations, and post-outbreak response planning.
  • Campus Pandemic Team Q & A Session – A Live Town Hall that will allow our clients to ask our Pandemic Response Team questions.
  • Pandemic Team Insights – FAQ: A list of Frequently Asked Questions about the pandemic that will be answered and constantly updated.
  • COVID Research / Trends – As the pandemic navigates through various countries, it also creates data and findings that can help mitigate potential outbreaks. Our team will provide research updates through various reports, presentations, and social platforms.
  • Pandemic Response Economic Modeling – Every action will require campuses to understand the financial impacts of the scenario and the required activities, including staff and procurement of supplies.
  • COVID19 Response Consulting – Our Pandemic Response team is accessible to support campus COVID leaders to help adapt general COVID-19 best practices to the specifics of their campus environment.

Email and we’ll schedule a discovery call.