Update on Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA)

25 Mar 2016

The Canadian Library Association has published an update on the creation of the Canadian Federation of Library Associations / Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques (CFLA/FCAB):

At the Canadian Library Association members meeting January 27, 2016, CLA members voted to dissolve the association. This decision was the result of a multi-year process that consulted with CLA members and the broader library community on a solution for an effective national voice for the Canadian library sector. The solution proposed is the creation of CFLA/FCAB. The vision and scope for this new organization is available in English and French.

Since January, representatives from provincial, territorial, and national associations have been meeting weekly via teleconference to incorporate and create the new CFLA/FCAB. We are excited about this new opportunity for Canada’s library community, and we have a lot of work ahead of us! Much of our work to date has been somewhat internal in constructing a legal and corporate framework and foundation for the existence of CFLA/FCAB and includes the following tasks in progress:

  • Drafting and reviewing by-laws and implementing the steps needed to incorporate
  • Identifying an inaugural board tasked with setting up the new organization (see below)
  • Securing member dues and setting up a financial framework
  • Hiring initial contract support to bring CFLA to operational readiness
  • Liaising with CLA to steward any CLA initiatives that are within the scope of this new organization

The following people have stepped up to be on the initial board of directors. These folks are tasked with oversight of CFLA/FCAB until the first elected board of directors are in place. The target inaugural election and AGM timeframe will be January/February 2017.

The founding board of directors, their representational region, and their affiliated multi-sector association (in parenthesis) are as follows:

  • Annette DeFaveri, British Columbia, (British Columbia Library Association)
  • Peter Bailey, Alberta, (Library Association of Alberta)
  • Alix-Rae Stefanko, Prairie Provinces; Saskatchewan and Manitoba (Manitoba Library Association)
  • Shelagh Paterson, Central Canada (Ontario Library Association)
  • Sonia Smith, Quebec (L’Association des bibliothécaires du Québec/Quebec Library Association)
  • Stéphane Legault, francophone library association (Association des bibliothèques publiques du Québec)
  • Trecia Schell, Atlantic Canada; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, (Nova Scotia Library Association)
  • Paul Takala, Canadian Urban Libraries Council (Canadian Urban Libraries Council/Conseil des Bibliothèques Urbaines du Canada)
  • Donna Bourne-Tyson: Canadian Association of Research Libraries (Canadian Association of Research Libraries/Association des bibliothèques de recherche du Canada)
  • Camille Callison, member at large, Indigenous Representation

Once incorporated, we welcome library associations across Canada to consider joining the new federation. We look forward to sending updates on our progress and next steps and to engaging our Canadian library community in the work of CFLA/FCAB. Please contact any member of the founding board with any questions.