Quarantine has changed us — and it’s not all bad

Here are 8 new habits people want to keep post-lockdown.

I think this has a lot of opportunity for many library programs – post lock-down and/or virtually.


“Workers whose jobs defined their lives are now asking what all that productivity was for, and whether we really want to measure our self-worth by the yardstick of hypercompetitive capitalism. Many are finding that the things that made them look “successful” actually also made them feel miserable, or precarious, or physically unwell.”

1) Reducing consumerism

2) Slowing down and putting less pressure on ourselves

3) Prioritizing family and friends

4) Ethical action and activism in our highly interconnected world

5) Exercising daily

6) Baking, vegetarian cooking, and growing herbs

7) Spending more time in nature

8) Working from home, if possible