Virtual Conferences: Part of Our Future

Check out the Dysart & Jones blog post:

Virtual Conferences Part of our Future

  • “Content is (still) king
  • Perfection isn’t the point; being human & spontaneous is good!
  • Sound & lighting basics matter: headset mic & window light at least
  • Feedback loops during presentations are key; comments, chat, emojis
  • Breakout groups are critical to interact & engage
  • Virtual event, real food; gift card for lunch?
  • Shorter really is sweeter; get the point fast!
  • Build in networking and connection moments; integrate community-building & virtual lounge moments
  • Don’t forget the entertainment; small vignettes with games, quizzes, music
  • Everybody needs a digital swag bag; animated stickers, wallpaper, ebooks, further resources

Thanks to Alistar Croll for this great graphic which encompasses tips too!”

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