I would like to share that Matthew Corbett will be joining our Board of Directors! FOPL held an election for a CEO Representative position on the Board of Directors for the Small Medium Caucus. Matthew is the CEO of Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library and brings years of experience championing public libraries to our board. Welcome Matthew!

To learn a little bit more about Matthew and his experience, read below:

“Throughout my career, I have built library systems, championed equality, empowered staff, and focused on anticipating future trend to redesign library services in an effort to meet the community’s needs. I have been fortunate with the opportunities of being the head librarian at Central North Correctional Centre, the CEO of the St. Marys Public Library, and more recently the CEO of the Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library. In each of these roles I have focused my efforts at removing barriers, improving community health and wellbeing, and advocating for increased funding for libraries to better equip the organization—and community—for success. I am an active member in my community, sitting on a healthy communities committee, and anti-racism committee, and a diversity and inclusion working committee all in efforts to improve local and regional services for the public.

Most recently, I have been an advocate for Libraries in Simcoe County, lobbying municipal leaders across the county to impress upon them the importance of library services for community members. With the recent cutbacks and defamations towards librarians within the County, I have worked with OLA, FOPL, and the Centre for Free Expression to explore opportunities to support my colleagues, while fighting for services that improve communities, break down barriers, and equalize opportunities. My interest in applying for the position of FOPL Board member of Small/Medium Caucus member is to advance my passion for library services and to represent the interests of small and medium public libraries across the province. As a representative sitting on the FOPL Board, I would continue expanding advocacy initiatives for libraries in hopes of strengthening our community both professionally and socially.”

Kind Regards,

Dina Stevens, MLIS
Executive Director

Federation of Ontario Public Libraries
P.O. Box 3285
Meaford Stn Main, ON
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Email: dinastevens@fopl.ca