FOPL and OLA have been steadily working away on our “ASK” during the 2019 provincial budget planning process.

We are focusing on increasing the provincial government’s investment in public libraries as well as digital services (such as ServiceOntario, digitization, group licensing, broadband).  This goal, when achieved will fundamentally improve public library service for the people of Ontario.  We have aligned this ask with the stated, public goals and policies of this government.

Now it is time for your involvement as CEO’s, Board members, and Management. As the Budget consultations are over and the Budget is being prepared by staff and considered by Cabinet we need our elected representatives’ support.

Most of you have been great at building relationships with your new MPPs, councils and boards.  We’re here to help and here is the information you need:

Here is a toolkit that helps you to plan MPP meetings and invites:

Advocacy Toolkit – Requesting MPP meeting

Here are the links to our joint FOPL/OLA submission.
And here’s a shorter one pager:
Here are the scripts we used at the budget consultations:
Here are our PPT slides that we use when we meet with MPPs and Ministers.
Many local town and city councils have passed resolutions supporting the end of the 22 year funding freeze of public libraries in Ontario.  Your town council may be interested in doing this too.  We found many mayors and councilors at the Rural Ontario Municipalities Association conference (just before OLA Super Conference) eager to help.  If you need to see a list of municipalities and a template for a motion, look here:
Lastly we can prove the value, impact and cost-effectiveness of Ontario’s public and First Nation Libraries!  Our sector is probably one of the best investments in terms of economic and social ROI that the provincial government can make – and we’re not very expensive.  Here is link to over 50 visual talking points (with sources):
OLA is Maintaining a list of MPP meetings.  If you’ve had a meeting (or plan one), please share a quick note with Sarah Roberts ( and Stephen Abram (
Thank you!  This investment of time will provide a sound foundation for the four-year mandate of this government.