Our Next FOPL Webinar:

Learning to Read Each Other: The Empathy Toy in Ontario’s Libraries

Date: June 6, 2016

Time: Noon-1 pm.

Cost: Free

Reading Fiction increases empathy and this provides another tool to build community and understanding.

Join us on June 6 as we explore the Empathy Toy. Already in schools, offices, makerspaces and libraries across 43 countries, this award-winning communication tool helps players aged 6 – 99 practice a variety of challenging skills related to collaboration, creative dialogue and problem-solving. You will meet Twenty One Toys, the Toronto-based social enterprise behind the Empathy Toy, and will discover specific applications for the Toy in both student programming and staff professional development.


Illana Ben-Arie, CEO, Twenty One Toys

Ryan Burwell, Education Lead, Twenty One Toys

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All of these webinars will be recorded with the slides and provided on the FOPL members-only website within days of the event.
Registration is preferred.  It is free to members.  As many staff as you like from your library (including board members) are welcome to attend.  Some libraries use this as an opportunity for professional development and do it over lunch.  Just send an e-mail to Monica Mixemong at FOPL to get on the list (monica@fopl.ca) and you’ll get the sign-in information.
We will send out more reminders of these events as they get closer.
Our goal at FOPL is to maximize your investment in FOPL through collaborative efforts like these which get the research and data we need to succeed.  None of our activities could have been affordable by most Ontario libraries and we want to ensure that you’re prepared to use them to advantage.
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