The Economic Impact of Vaughan Public Libraries On the City of Vaughan

Summary of Findings:

Vaughan Public Library Delivers $5.95 of Economic Impact for Every $1 Spent, for a total economic impact of over $80 million

The results of Vaughan Public Library’s economic impact demonstration clearly indicate that Vaughan Public Libraries delivers a strong Return on Investment, through the delivery of library services that enhance Vaughan’s competitiveness and prosperity and contribute to a better quality of life for all.

For every dollar invested in Vaughan Public Libraries (VPL), Vaughan residents receive $5.95 in value. This benefit results from the market value of services delivered, or direct tangible benefits and the stimulus to Vaughan’s economy from direct spending and re-spending (indirect tangible benefits).

The Economic Impact of VPL on the City of Vaughan.doc 01’15