Hi Everyone,

Please note that we consider these “fluid” as already they need to be revised.  We launched this program last Thurs at 4 pm and by Fri morning (the next day)  we had 70+ register and by yesterday morning, 550 want to pick up materials.

Staff had proposed scheduled 15 min pickups. We are only operating 1 day/week/resource lib and we have 3 resource libraries so it would take weeks to satisfy requests.  We are trying to switch to random pickup during defined hours to maximize pickups and offer more days per week as required.

We printed bookmarks to throw in bags reassuring customers our collections are Covid free so no need to disinfect or isolate the materials they are borrowing.

Margie Singleton, CEO, Vaughan Public Libraries

Curbside Library Service Health Safety Guidelines May 12’20

Curbside Library Service Procedures May 13’20

SOP #1-Use of PPE 20 05 13

SOP #1-Appendix re Masks

SOP #2-Cleaning during Pandemic 20 05 13

SOP #3 Materials Handling Procedures

SOP #4 Staff Reporting

Personal Health Concerns